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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Loren Legarda's Civil Status, President or Vice President in 2010

In Marlen Ronquillo's column today, he asked whether Loren Legarda will go for the jugular. Indeed, the Senator lead the 1998 and 2007 race showing her popularity strength with the public. The question in the next three years is if will she be able to make a credible run for the presidency or vice-president.

Minor(?) Issue
However, like Datu Jamal Ashley Yahya Abbas, I'm also concerned on Senator Loren Legarda's civil status. When discussing with friends on who can be voted for in 2010, Senator Legarda is deemed as very competitive, then the discussion would sooner or later end up with her civil status, whether she is properly annulled or divorced, with her estranged husband.

If not and if she wins, will that make him her legal First Gentleman? Furthermore, if her husband will take in more wives, what will they be referred to? I agree with Datu Jamal Ashley Yahya Abbas's suggestion that Senator Legarda should settle this concern at the earliest time.

For one, I don't think many Filipinos would vote for a state leader whose civil status may unfairly be perceived as "one of the wives". Being in such a position may make her less credible to speak of women's concerns, who are mostly Catholic and where one husband/one wife is the natural rule.

No matter how good she is, this is one concern that may have a lot of weight in the future. We've seen how several mistresses or a notorious husband can affect a state leader's status. In this case, her husband can take in "legal wives". Will they also be given security and live in Malacanang as that makes them her legal family too?

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