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Monday, December 8, 2008

Putting young blood in Congress

I just got this e-mail from Rissa (lawyer and used to work for two prominent Senators) who gave me permission to post edited snippets of her letter in this blog:

"Hello there. My law classmates and I are thinking of pursuing a cause - Putting young blood in Congress by setting up an online search for a new breed of legislators.

Our premise is if we want change then maybe it is about time to elect a new breed, not the trapos since policy is made in Congress including budget. We feel this project may have impact. Thinking now of a battle cry. Only those 45-50 years and below, but i think minimum age is 35, to be voted.

The question - is this possible online and for free where people can suggest names and the people can add their support to names online and who knows by 2010 elections we could have a new breed para may new perspectives in Senate and House. Maybe better if their curriculum vitae can be posted also. Hope you can make this possible. Thanks."

Here are my thoughts on this subject, using the PMI thinking tool to explore it, and hope you can share yours too:

Plus points of the idea above:

  • New breed of legislators is such a romantic idea. I think we need young minds and new ways of thinking for solving our country's problem. Those who know that their decision will impact their lives 20 years after and not by those who may pass away a decade later and not see the ramifications of their action.

  • I think a simple blog can be a good start for this project. It is only important for Rissa and her lawyer friends to allot time in posting a name a week in their blog, starting with what they have and grow from there.
Minus points of the idea:
  • Those who are advocating for bloggers election coverage may not be able to participate as suggestion of names maybe perceived as personal endorsement of a potential politician candidate. Although I guess if one is transparent about it, at least readers will know where the blogger is coming from.

  • The identified "young blood" maybe qualified but are they politically-savvy enough? We've seen young blood in Congress or Senate shooting themselves at the foot for not observing proper protocol and too damn rookie to play within the process as Congress or Senate still requires a lot of inter-personal politicking to move an agenda forward.

  • Will these identified young blood stand a chance if they are not part of a political party that has an established political machinery? Or are these young blood part of a political wing already?
Interesting points of the idea:
  • To have a site focusing on independent candidates.
  • Have retired Senators or Congressman share their knowledge and wisdom to advise independent candidates.