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Friday, August 29, 2008

Bloggers Election Handbook: A guide for the aspiring citizen journalist

Since November last year, I have been advocating for the creation of a Bloggers Election Handbook. This idea was inspired by Luz Rimban and was discussed during iBlog Mini '07 and iBlog4.

So finally, here is the initial outline or mind map on what will be its content. The structure here is based on focusing solely on the conduct of elections.

(Click the mindmap for a bigger image)

The following ideas were thought of in its design and your feedback will be greatly appreciated. The mind map will have to be updated to reflect some of the changes made in this outline:
  • Elections
    • Process
    • Commission on Elections
    • Election Law
    • Rules
    • Observers
  • Candidates
    • Rights
    • Representation
    • Disclosure
  • Media
    • Types
    • Ownership
    • Reporting
    • Business and politics
  • Voters
    • Issues
    • Rights
    • Responsibilities
  • Issues
    • Funders identity
    • Government's role
    • Bribe
    • Threats
  • Blogs
    • Campaign developments and speeches
    • Issues
    • Poll
    • Politician interviews
I'm not sure if the issues can be fully inserted at this time. What can perhaps happen is point to a blog where these matters are fully discussed. Its url can be mentioned in the handbook.

To move forward with this handbook, we will need volunteers. To become one, you can post a comment and express:
  • Which item you'll be interested in writing about.
    • I'll be raising funds to cover some honorarium for the writers through sponsors.

  • Be a printing sponsor.
    • I assume that we will need like two thousand dollars (US$2000) to publish 1000 copies of a 92-pages handbook and that is inclusive of cover design/graphics/layout fee. Any amount that gets contributed will go a long way and be properly recognized in the publication.
If we want this to be out by middle of November, all manuscripts should be in by first week of October. If this is an area you will be interested to help out, let it be known. Cheers!

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