Long term monitoring of Philippine elections development.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Long-term monitoring of Philippine Elections

I wrote a column two weeks ago on how bloggers delivered in their coverage of the 2007 elections and cited several lessons learned in that area. After more than a week, I got convinced to start this blog and try the ideas put forth then into action.

Through this blog, I hope of being able to do the following:

  • Monitor politicians that are perceived by a lot of people to be running in the 2010 national elections and monitor their activities hereon.
  • Use various forms of media source tools to get to know them better.
  • Include local government unit political developments.
  • Linkage and build a network relationship with election bloggers according to town and city for nationwide coverage.
  • Voters education and awareness on various issues.
Blogging has indeed come of age and will play an important role in monitoring political developments happening in the Philippines. I look forward to your ideas and suggestions!


batang buotan said...

I'm inspired with the insights about the role of bloggers during elections that you shared to us during the Cebu Bloggers Meet-UP.

Now, I'm convinced to start writing about politics that specifically focus on Cebu political scenes.

As internet users increase, political blogging are also gaining momentum. It is very important that as early as now, we'll start to "monitor" the political issues in our country to give Filipinos abroad access to information that has impact to all of us.

Yes, this should be a long-term monitoring. This way, I believe is very crucial in a democratic society like ours.