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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Integrating election bloggers with mass media

Martin Perez posted an interesting question if there is a strategy in place of integrating the blogosphere with mass media in relation to the upcoming 2010 elections.

The idea of getting bloggers involved in the 2010 elections popped out after Manuel L. Quezon III's talk at iBlog3 and after observing how bloggers took a role in the 2007 elections where some even got the chance to join a campaign caravan.

I would like to believe that the premise where bloggers and mass media will integrate in the process will depend on how passionate, dedicated, well-researched, bold, and independent will bloggers be in their coverage of the upcoming elections. Those who will do and shine shall be recognized by mass media voluntarily.

On the other hand, I would like to predict that local and international mass media might also recruit bloggers for this purpose to ensure that they get those who can provide the best insights to compliment their existing news team who will cover it.

This in addition to politicians who will tap blogs and bloggers to push for their agenda and gradually engage themselves into the discussion. We can also expect politicians to have round table session with bloggers, similar to how they do it with the media. That facing the reality as well that bloggers will document their agreement or disagreement point blank through their blogs.

Short of saying, I'm wishful that everything will naturally fall into place.

On a personal level, I'm now concerned on how to get the following mobilized this year:

  • Bloggers election handbook. The idea for this one came from Luz Rimban during her talk at iBlog Mini last November 2007. Anyone interested to volunteer in creating this. Please post a comment and which area of the election handbook (suggesting content) will you be interested in contributing.

  • Educating the bloggers on Philippines election process. This is targeted on November 2008. Bloggers election handbook should be ready by this time for dissemination. The COMELEC and various election monitoring groups to be invited as resource persons and meet bloggers.

  • Putting the 2010 elections as one of the agendas in various blogging events. I'm sure there'll be more blogging forums and events happening this year. It will be helpful if this inevitable voting exercise can also be tackled to encourage bloggers to vent their perspective on politics through their blogs.
I'm hoping that with this in place, integration of the blogosphere with mass media will evolve naturally. A plus, rather than be limited to the few, will be the diversity of opinions coming from bloggers of various ages, socio-economic status, and parts of the country.

Just to add, some of the presentations given in relation to this topic.