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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Automated Elections in 2010?

I recently received a question asking if there's enough time to automate the 2010 elections.

It will be helpful to know if Filipinos are amenable to the idea of automated elections in 2010. An updated survey will surely be helpful to have an updated view on this. As long it is introduced by a credible COMELEC leadership, it can be done.

As Ducky Paredes kept emphasizing, election related preparations can't just be rushed. Else, it will create uncertain situation that harms the organization as well. Every government office, especially its leadership, always want to deliver better service to the people. However, forces beyond its control, like the legislature and various interest groups can either help or be a productive watchdog (give thumbs up or down accordingly) or make all efforts impossible. Their actions influences our perception on the COMELEC.

Any automation efforts, the planning and preparation for it must start as early as this year. If the automated election system was done right and securely, it may curb cheating.

The 2010 elections may be too near though. Perhaps it will be best to do some trials on 2010 in key areas like Metro Manila to begin with. Although there are similar proposals in Cebu too.


(January 31, 2010 Update)
The Automated Election this 2010 is expected to do the following: (as presented by James Jimenez last iBlog5)

  • The Precint Count Optical Scan (PCOS) prints EIGHT copies of the election returns
  • Election Returns are certified by the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) Chair and watchers
  • Electronic copies in the PCOS are digitally signed
  • Digitally signed copies are sent to: MUNICIPAL CANVASSING; PROVINCIAL CANVASSING
  • Digitally signed copies are also sent to: COMELEC CENTRAL, MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES, KBP, PPCRV, and POSTED ON THE WEB