Long term monitoring of Philippine elections development.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monitoring what people say about 2013 Senator candidates

One tool I started using in the last elections was Netvibes. Created a dashboard then tracking what people say about various presidential candidates.

Two weeks ago, I updated the tool and began monitoring the tweets citing various Senator candidates for the 2013 elections. Will gradually set up independent tracking pages for each of them as the days go by.

However, monitoring what is being said today on these political personalities, I can't help but notice the following:

  1. Most tweets about Chiz Escudero were all about sightings of him being with Heart Evangelista
  2. Loren Legarda tweets were mostly sound bites from statements she has issued.
  3. Alan Cayetano and Cynthia Villar are being attacked on their perspective on political dynasties. But actually, they are not alone with that one. If I recall correctly, even Chiz Escudero, Nancy Binay, Bam Aquino, Jack Enrile, and Sonny Angara sees nothing wrong with it.
  4. Tweets about Jamby Madrigal includes funny side comments about what she says and does. Am not sure if she is being taken seriously at all.
  5. Grace Poe is benefitting from the loving support of Susan Roces. I guess her recent stint as MTRCB head gave her some distinct positive relationship with television networks.
  6. Nancy Binay and Bam Aquino are seen as coming out of nowhere political candidates. I guess being viewed in the same perspective as Jack Enrile.
  7. With 2 Magsaysay running as Senators, Jun and Mitos, I wonder how will they be written in the ballot. Also, it seems Mitos is more active in campaigning and raised eyebrows with her "best congresswoman" bus advertisement. 
  8. There are also candidates quiet at this time which results to hardly any mention of them in Twitter. This includes Jun Magsaysay and Antonio Trillianes.
With the individual dashboard set-up, I am sure there is more to be seen and shall update this post once they are up for proper linking and reference to parties interested in monitoring these candidates.