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Friday, February 8, 2008

Thank you: Cebu Bloggers and Planning for Visayan Bloggers Summit

Many thanks to Sun.Star (Nini Cabaero, Max Limpag, Marlen Limpag and the web team) for hosting the Cebu Bloggers Meet-Up last night at iBrowse Internet Cafe.

Here are some of the photos taken at the event. Please share your photos as well.

The meet-up program started around 7 pm with Nini Cabaero giving a welcome to everyone. Afterwards, i presented the idea of bloggers participating actively in the Philippines 2010 elections, issues that were raised to date, and encouraging everyone to collate and create a matrix of issues on the local level.

Marlen Limpag also shared Sun.Star's experience in doing election coverage and challenges that they encountered with it.

During the open forum, every participant shared their insights and hope they will blog about it. I will link them here once they have posted.

Another thing being thought now is the organization of a Visayan Bloggers Summit this August to get bloggers in the region together, be connected, and exchange insights on a variety of topics (from learning to blog, earning from blogging, photoblogging, vlogging, podcasting, and of course political blogging). If this idea sparks your interest and will be interested to help out, hope you can leave a comment here.


batang buotan said...

Ma'am Janette, the ideas you've shared in Cebu Bloggers Meet-Up, inspire and motivate me to write political concerns. Thank you.

janettetoral.com said...

@batang buotan - thank you for the kind words. Hope you can also blog about it and will add a link from here. Cheers and look forward in seeing you again soon!

batang buotan said...

Yes, I start to blog about politics and I start it with this post: "Narco-politics and the 2010 Elections" (http://gervacio.wordpress.com/2008/02/08/narco-politics-and-the-2010-elections/)

I still doubt if this is a good start.

Karlo Mikhail said...

Hi Ms. Toral!

Thanks for the link. My companion also wrote his insigths about the meet-up in his blog:


bugITs said...

i miss 1/2 of my life in here! it was just earlier this day that batang buotan told me about the cebu meet up..i could have attend the session for sure if i was informed earlier of feb 6.. but anyways, i would like to share or post a writeups regarding this one.. thanks a lot Ms janet!

Long live cebu bloggers!

Lazarus said...

we missed this one. too bad I was out of town that day.