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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From People Power to 2010 Elections

Many thanks to Lester for his post "Paalala ng Pasimuno ng People Power" as it gave me the necessary perk up to do this blog post.

People Power I
I have not participated or given support to People Power. I was raised in a family surrounded by relatives who appreciated the time of Ferdinand Marcos. So when the 1986 People Power revolution was happening, as expected, we were glued to pro-government TV programs at that time condemning the actions that were happening then. I was 15 years old.

A few months after People Power, government officials who were supportive started falling out. The political prisoners that were set free causing problems again to the administration and numerous coup attempts only made me think how much mess we were in (not knowing any better in analyzing the situation at that time).

People Power II
During the time of People Power II, I had strong faith with our legislative and judiciary handling the impeachment trial. I'm biased as the year 1999 and 2000 gave me the opportunity to bear witness the passage of the Y2K Law and E-Commerce Law. My faith, idealism, and appreciation of the legislative process and the people voted for was at its highest that time. I believed in due process and the rule of law. That belief though has further casted me out in certain circles, for not being supportive immediately gives you the identity of being pro-administration even if you are not.

When People Power II became victorious. I felt that our impatience will result to even greater suffering.

The clamor for people in power today for due process has no moral ground for a lot of them were the ones who short-circuit our rule of law way back. At the same time, those calling for another People Power, some of them were partly responsible for putting those people in power now and thus, the situation and hardship we are in.

Regardless on who is in power, due process, rule of law, and vigilance against corruption should prevail. Else, the power-grab and corruption cycle will never end. But of course, that is only my small and very unpopular opinion.

2010 Philippine Elections
I guess my above biases partly triggered the creation of this blog and the call for bloggers and Filipino Internet users to share their thoughts about the 2010 Philippine Elections.


Anonymous said...

We suffer political trauma. It seems people are getting tired of political rallies, mud-slinging, and personality assassination. We are desperately seeking way out of this situation but still don’t have better way to do it, I write in my blog today.

I insist that only due process of law can gradually strengthen our institutions.

I even disagree foremer President Aquino's call for GMA's resignation and appreciate CBCP for being careful with its position to the recent national issue.

What we need is national reconciliation and we can only do this not by "moderating greed" but through honesty and integrity.

janettetoral.com said...

@gervacio - i agree with you. Although I must admit that after watching the recent Correspondent episode, the lack of desire by the government to clarify the issues, contributes to the tension happening in the country today.

Arbet said...

Resignation is included as an option in the Philippine Constitution. So it is a valid call.

Here's a question: what if due process is being consciously thwarted, as is happening now? What, then?

Reconciliation can only come if justice prevails. Otherwise, it will never happen.

Kevin Ray said...

Hi there Ma'am Janette! I posted my own perspective on Brian Gorrell vs. DJ Montano blogging and my Mar Roxas for President blogging

I was just intrigued with Brian's case and I realized, on the other perspective, that Brian's blog might be a challenge Philippine and Australian libel and information technology laws while my Mar Roxas for President in 2010 Blog might be a challenge Philippine election laws.

Here's the URL of my latest post: http://marroxas2010.blogspot.com/2008/04/brian-gorrell-vs-dj-montano-blogging.html

Anonymous said...



The 2010 Philippine presidential election is a simple equation and its chemistry based on a principle question:

Besides Aquino and Roxas, what does your conscience tell you? Before you can answer this question, go to your room, lock your door and look at yourself in the mirror (only if you have one, or trying to ignore not to have one, or not willing to look at one because of the "corrupt" shame to oneself), and "nutter" what is really right for the Philippines.

Do not ignore a "fragile" future, hence, another mistake can shatter your children, grandchildren and the Filipino unborn.

This is about "destiny" right at the palm of your hands. Fight back, be brave and assert your right.

Do you believe you STILL have a RIGHT?

chito.ca toronto, canada