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Sunday, April 27, 2008

iBlog4 Afterglow

Every iBlog event has its own big bang as it features new and regular faces that reflects the growth of blogging and the community of bloggers.

My sincerest congratulations and thanks goes to JJ Disini, John Fajardo, and the UP-ISP team for continuing this advocacy year after year. Sponsors like Yehey, Morph Labs, WikiPilipinas, Alfox Computer Center, and Buddy Gancenia made this event feasible as well.

The participant kit this year includes sponsor collaterals, UP-ISP's Digital magazine special issue on blogging, and Wilson Ng's ENGY book.

Of course, iBlog4 is only possible with the interest of the community for this annual gathering year after year. Thank you for everyone's support!

Here are some of the coverage I found online and will continuously update this.

Footage of actual presentations:

Live blogging at the event:
  1. iBlog4 early morning stuff
  2. Liveblogging iBlog4
  3. Brian Gorrell's Advice to Bloggers
  4. Liveblogging iBlog4 - Part 2
  5. iBlog4, AM Session
  6. Why bloggers must blog about the election - Luz Rimban
  7. Manuel "Manolo" Quezon III's talk (iBlog4)
  8. Liveblogging iBlog4 - Part 3
  9. How can bloggers participate more effectively in the 2010 elections by Janette Toral
  10. Q & A Panel - Blogging about the 2010 Elections (iBlog4)
  11. 2 Immediate Legal Issues in Blogging and Q&A (by JJ Disini)
  12. Baklang AJ @ iBlog4
  13. On Site: iBlog4
  14. iBlog4 Forums
Video coverage
  1. Az video blog: iblog4 Philippine blogging summit coverage (YouTube)
  2. Lessons Learned from iBlog4
  3. iBlog4 Playlist for presentations that are more than 10 minutes
  4. iBlog4 Playlist for Presentation that are less than 10 minutes
  5. iBlog4 and 88DB.com party
  6. Counting Cokskiblue Cars. Meh. Aka The iBlog4 and Afterparty Vlog
Photo coverage
  1. iblog4: 4th Philippine Blogging Summit 2008 @ UP Diliman
  2. iBlog4 to 88db.com
  3. Jerome Quinto's iBlog4 Photos
  4. Azrael Coladilla's iBlog4 photos
  5. iBlog4: The 4th Philippine Blogging Summit at UP Diliman
  6. websaytko iBlog4 and 88db
  7. Dexter Panganiban pics @ iblog4 2008
  8. iBlog4 @ UP Diliman
  9. iBlog4 Portraits (full set)
  10. iBlog4: The 4th Philippine Blogging Summit
  11. iBlog4 Pictures
  12. iBlog4 Class Picture
iBlog4 reflections
  1. iBlog4 ramblings
  2. Snippets from the iBlog4 and 88db.com Bloggers Party
  3. Lost Money But Was Happy
  4. Being Offline is Fun
  5. iBlog4 and Morphxchange
  6. Avi Siwa at iBlog4
  7. iBlog4 experience
  8. Morph at iBlog4
  9. iBlog4 Summit
  10. iBlog4 Summit bloggers party with 88db.com
  11. iblog4 Summit
  12. iblog4 Blogging Summit and Meet Up
  13. Anger always come from frustrated expectations
  14. Umleo23.com at iBlog4 Summit???
  15. Unofficial Philippine Blogger Day
  16. So wassup?
  17. iBlog4, Altar Boyz Mosh Pit Party, Nick Weekend Carnival, & 88DB Bloggers Party
  18. iBlog4
  19. FilipinaImages.com in iBlog4 Summit
  20. iblog4 (old friends, new friends)
  21. Jester-in-Exile Goes to iBlog 4 and the 88DB.com Bloggers' Party (or, the floppy hat has gone out of style boohoohoo)
  22. iBlog 4 and The 88db.com Blogger’s Night: Because I Felt The Need To Embarass Myself More
  23. iblog4 Philippine Blogging Summit
  24. Of a very long week
  25. iblog4: the day after
  26. iBlog4 Summit
  27. Chickens invade iBlog4
  28. iBlog4 summit and 88db.com party
  29. Blog events
  30. The 4th Philippine Blogging Summit iBlog4
  31. Lost at iBlog4
  32. Rectal Discombobulation
  33. iblog4 Summit
  34. iblog 4 The Philippine Blogging Summit
  35. iBlog4 Part 1
  36. Resistance and Blogging
  37. Star Struck
  38. iBlog4 Summit @ UP
  39. 10 Things I Learned / Discovered at Iblog4
  40. Realizations from iBlog4 (part 1 of 2)
  41. iBlog4 Experience
  42. iBlog4 & 88DB.com Bloggers Night
  43. iBlog4
  44. iBlog4
  45. After iBlog4
  46. Episode 35: Counting CokskiBlue Cars. Meh. AKA The iBlog4 and Afterparty Vlog
  47. Web 2.0 at iblog 4 sa News on Q
  48. iBlog4 Summit 2008
  49. iBlog4 and 88DB Bloggers Party
  50. Version 11 and iBlog4
  51. iBlog 4 Roundup
  52. And Now, Thoughts Just Come Rushing In... RE: I-Blog 4
  53. I hate iBlog 4
  54. Ang Blog at ang Potensyal nito sa Bayan
  55. iBlog4
  56. The Coffee Table Report
  57. First time at iBlog4 Summit
  58. iBlogged
  59. My First Blogging Summit and the After Party
  60. Notes about iBlog4
  61. Gone Crazy at I Blog 4
  62. iBlog4 and the Bloggers Summer Party
  63. Another Year, Another iBlog4 Summit
  64. iBlog4: The 4th Philippine Blogging Summit
  65. iBlog4 and 88DB Party
  66. iBlog 4: Pass or Fail
  67. iBlog4 Notes
  68. Been to iBlog4
  69. Bakla Goes to iBlog4
  70. 4th Philippine Blogging Summit Part I
  71. 4th Philippine Blogging Summit Part II
  72. 4th Philippine Blogging Summit Part III
  73. Out there in a world called cyberspace
  74. iBlog4
  75. So I shall blog
  76. An iBlog4 question for Rimban, Quezon, and Toral
  77. I want to be a person of substance
  78. 3 Things I Learned from iBlog4
  79. Post-iBlog4 Thoughts
  80. Maver @ Malcolm


noemi said...

why are the slides private for filipinaimages presentation?

janettetoral.com said...

Hi Noemi. Not sure if we are referring to the same thing. Based here http://www.slideshare.net/janettetoral/blogging-for-advocacy-filipinaimagescom-case-study?src=embed
privacy info is public.

Fjordan Allego said...

I was there!! Hoohooo!! it awas my first blog summit!! thats best explain why im alittle bit shy to approach some bloggers.. but nonetheless, i enjoy being there...


Marcelle said...

I had my two cents in about the event in my blog.

Here's the first one:


The second one is over here:


The third one, sort of an afterthought, is here:


Micaela said...

I haven't finished my iblog4 entry yet LOL but I'm planning to make a picto-blog instead. I hope it works hehe thanks again Ms. Janette hope to take a picture with you next time. Looking forward to iblog5 :)